Since winning those prizes, the team has been working on Bright Memory: Infinite with your support. Yes, as the safe person, game, world, and gameplay behind the Bright Memory IP are copyrighted and patented… I want to express my gratitude to everyone. Bright Memory is about an adventure with memories, action with thinking, combat with aesthetics, industry with dreams, and dreams with expression. Once entering their world, everyone builds it.

Hi, I am Zeng Xiancheng, the creator of Bright Memory. Bright Memory is a hybrid first-person action game. It combines elements of first-person shooters with a storyline and a fighting system from third-person action games. At the last Tokyo Game Show, Bright Memory’s Game Awards Trailer won the prize for Best Unreal Engine 4. The world of Bright Memory was recognized and encouraged by the Unity Awards, Unreal Engine Awards, and Sony PCGamer ActionFPS.

1.1. Overview of the Game

The background of the story is the discovery of strange phenomena during an archaeological investigation in the Arctic Circle. Lasting and developed historical relics and creatures are discovered. However, a series of unexpected events led to the large-scale destruction of relics in the Arctic Circle and led to a change of climate in Siberia. Some conspiracy organizations have taken advantage of the situation and intend to sell some of the discoveries on the black market. As a member of the Ice Investigation Department, Shelia Aris decided to stop this situation using methods such as the first warrior. Due to the incident, Shelia has acquired special abilities, and on behalf of the department, she has been assigned the task of stopping events and recollecting artifacts. In the process, she will fight a series of bosses to fulfill her promise, and what this promise is will be revealed by the BGI episode that has not yet been launched in the future.

Bright Memory: Infinite is an FPS game developed using Unreal Engine by a single developer. Compared with Bright Memory released in March 2019, which is about 1 hour of single-player game length, Infinite has a redefined game screen and updated graphic quality. This paper will briefly introduce the content of Bright Memory: Infinite now and future development plans, and in addition to the development of the game content, we will also briefly introduce the development environment used to make the game.

2. Current Features and Gameplay

Bright Memory: Infinite is an all-new lightning-fast fusion of the FPS and action genres, created by FYQD-Studio. Combine a wide variety of skills and abilities to unleash dazzling combo attacks. Bright Memory: Infinite is set in a sprawling, futuristic metropolis in the year 2036. A strange phenomenon for which scientists can find no explanation has occurred in the skies around the world. The Supernatural Science Research Organization (SRO) has sent agents out to various regions to investigate this phenomenon. It is soon discovered that these strange occurrences are connected to an archaic mystery – an as-of-yet unknown history of two worlds, about to come to light. With Early Access, we strive to gather player feedback on gameplay, story, and areas for improvement. With your valuable input, we aim to work together with players during the EA stage to create a better-quality game.

Hello, I am one of the developers of Bright Memory. After the game was launched, we planned a follow-up sequel, but we didn’t have enough skills at the time, and our team was still very inexperienced. We decided to improve our gaming skills first. After constantly producing different games, our entire team has gradually changed. Everyone has gained a lot of experience. After the conclusion of Bright Memory, many players are more looking forward to the sequel of our follow-up. We are now a more sophisticated team, which is why we are now officially developing Bright Memory: Infinite. Although Bright Memory was just a game prototype, at the time it was more like experiential, but after actual combat, I learned a lot. In the production of Infinite, we will provide more game content, richer story, larger map, and we will work carefully to complete the Bright Memory sequel. Thank you.

2.1. Gameplay Mechanics and Combat System

Like we said at the beginning of this article, everything presented is being developed specifically for Bright Memory: Infinite, following the project’s original goal. The features mentioned are being developed and optimized to present a great gameplay experience on current PCs and futuristic consoles, offering an interesting presentation for a story-driven adventure. Each part mentioned is in the process of being massaged so that there is a balance for everything to be shown aesthetically compact, a fluid experience for demanding actions in a game, and smooth navigation through different scenarios, allowing different ways to complete the main segments of the game, creating a remarkable adventure.

In terms of the slides that have been updated on the game, when we first revealed Bright Memory: Infinite during the Game Developers Conference Online event last week, 900 of you voted during the session on the Kendallernal Studios website. A total of 84% mentioned a high interest in the sale, 7% a moderate interest, 4% a low interest, and 5% said they didn’t have enough information to rate. Of these people who showed a high interest, 36% mentioned that they were very attentive, 32% attentive, 20% would try, 7% not try and 4% would ignore based on the 464 votes. We once again thank all of you who took the time to participate in the vote, showed your opinion on the slides and for all the messages of recognition and support for the project.

3. Community Feedback and Suggestions

In the second half of last year, we also optimized and corrected some players’ discomfort in the original Bright Memory’s original defense and attack balance, view and angle setting problem, etc., and also worked hard to update the game’s support for Simplified Chinese and Traditional Chinese. In the more recent period, through the review of players’ feedback, we also found that some parts of the original game indeed need to be improved, and more substantial localized versions need to be generated. Therefore, we have scheduled relevant plans in the near future and prepared to continue to communicate with the players to update the game. Finally, we thank every player from the bottom of our hearts for playing the original Bright Memory. We hope that you can also support our future works and continue to make valuable suggestions. Thank you for your valuable suggestions.

We have received various valuable suggestions and comments from global players regarding the demo version. Chinese players also have various opinions and feedback. Thanks to the enthusiasm of players and their valuable advice, we are encouraged to continue to march forward and make the game better. Since then, we have carefully read and summarized the feedback and suggestions from players. Although we cannot guarantee to take every wish into consideration, we will continue to listen to the valuable opinions of every player. We will continue to improve and optimize many of your discomforts and suggestions about the original game, and make efforts to improve the game’s graphics, stability, balance, combat rhythm and combat fluency. And we will continue to improve our games thanks to the valuable opinions of every player.

3.1. Engagement with Player Base

Future Plans: We will still be committed to continuous optimization. Our initial goal is to release BFI on the Steam platform at the end of 2020. If possible, future development will extend to PS5, XBOXSX, etc., and we will also have a plan to release the game on the Switch platform. It should be noted that we are not proficient game console developers. Our goal is to allow more players to play the game smoothly, and we may not reach the 60fps level on some game consoles.

– Players who support us on Kickstarter will get (within a time period) timely updates from the official Bright Memory team.

– Official Web Page We have a group of players focusing on PC games, so we are more active on Twitter. In order to make it easier for players to get the latest news, we made a concise official website. In the future, we will add feature introductions, game-related development information updates, etc. to the official website.

– Official Fox WeChat account Fans who love Fox (the virtual influencer who acts) as our official spokesman for Bright Memory can add Fox to their WeChat friends and get cutting-edge news on the development of Bright Memory. By listening to his behind-the-scenes stories and participating in related interactive activities, you can obtain Fox’s unique little gift.

– Official Weibo Account We have opened an official Weibo account and we frequently post the development progress and concept drawings on it in order to keep in contact with our players.

What There Is:

4. Upcoming Updates and Roadmap

4.1. Patch Notes and Bug Fixes

5. New Content and Features

5.1. Expansion Packs and DLCs

6. Technological Advancements and Enhancements

6.5 Starting from the installation of a CDN, the development team has cosmetically adjusted the request method and URI. The log ciphertext has been upgraded, and multiple servers have been resolved to achieve server IP fallback. Multiple Line Identification has been completed, and the response body reviewing and JSON encoding functions have been implemented to achieve network delay and ensure server stability. Through CDN, it effectively inhibits the instability caused by delayed abandonment. The specific content and the accompanying log scope have been added for more complete clarification. Energy grass resetting stability and the long-term stability of the game server have achieved domain name security control. The establishment of multiple residential domain name resolutions can maintain a balance of line access. Supplementation of server header parameters, to keep website authority information private, and the strengthening of security control countermeasures can effectively resist anti-snooping and overwhelming environment damage.

6.4 The gun echo of the shooting sound in different scenes and directions has been extensively modified. «Qing Yan Deathmatch» mode has a large outdoor environment. If there are many players playing in the same game, the shooting delay and sound overlap with the reverberation effect may affect the game experience. This is mainly due to the large outdoor environment requiring more reverb, and the outdoor environment needs to have less reverberation.

6.3 The optimization of the shadow occlusion culling function’s algorithm has increased the precision of the occluded area, leading to an improvement in rendering effects. The light blocker model has been further enhanced to better adapt to the environment.

6.2 The original realistic lighting model has been improved. With the help of SSGI, better rendering effects in any mode can be achieved. The transmission of light through transparent parts of weapons has been implemented.

6.1 Screen Space Global Illumination (SSGI) has been upgraded to now support dynamic situations. Zombies can now be affected by reflective light. The dynamic contrast of specular reflection caused by light refraction has been improved.

1. Graphics 2. Lighting System 3. Game Scene Optimization 4. Sound Effects and Game Experience 5. Network Delay and Server Stability More detailed Keyword, Click Here

6.1. Graphics and Performance Improvements

In future updates, we also plan to replace some old models with particles and textures and rebuild the material from the details and natural texture such as cloth, plush, wood, and metal. This work is not very complex, we just need to draw the design of the new texture using the existing texture size and replace the old model, and then import the associated animation name back into the model file, which will not affect the current physics effect or game formula.

More realistic scenes and models

Between shadow quality and performance, the cascading shadow distance can be adjusted, so that the distant shadows will also have better quality under high shadow distance. In addition to the adjustment of the original performance control parameter, ground reflection, fog, screen space ambient occlusion, and the dynamic range of color will be adjusted, hoping to bring you more excellent picture quality through an update.

In addition, we are also working hard to optimize the adaptation of game running performance for configurations of different platforms. At present, we are optimizing the engine code, increasing the maximum depth of field range, and measuring the current background allocation and virtual text allocation as much as possible for modifiers and accessories without causing performance problems, so that all data in the archive can be loaded into memory at the first time when the game starts, further reducing the loading time caused by insufficient memory and slow speed of the hard drive.

Game performance and graphics quality have always been most concerned about by players. In the early stage, due to the need to adjust the development environment and add new features for optimization, the game had always been troubled by performance and particles, resulting in the visual experience not reaching the expected level. However, after a period of plugin optimization, as well as architecture upgrade, there will be a big improvement in the aspect of the game, and the ultra picture quality can be achieved again, allowing players to have a wider choice in the picture quality parameters.

7. Developer Insights and Behind-the-Scenes

Some of the contents of the game upgrade are seven designed areas: 1. Garage – Exploration and solving puzzles related to driving. 2. Railway Zone – Designing new fun places in the original game. Besides the train, it will have some climbing elements that correspond to walking, riding, driving, and flying. 3. Laboratory Zone – Solving complex puzzles, and the new crawling element created by Space-Time Fragment will be more focused on 3D coordination, which serves as a bridge for walking and driving. 4. Ski Resort – The work due to the new gameplay will focus on flight and driving. 5. City on the Sea – Designing a wide water surface, original ships, and airplane gameplay. Based on special refinement, Vortex Wings can perform several gameplay. 6. Taiwan Electrical Power Grid – A large number of suspended nucleus fragments and powerful enemies. 7. Taiwan Military Base – Launch of missile flight test software from the underground silo, and the mode of effective and magnificent enemy decision making will be focused.

Last time we delved into the power system of Yang Jian. We were reluctant to reveal the gameplay with just one instance of the power system. Our ten-year original game, Historical Bright Memory, is classified as a linear game. We needed to overcome a lot of inherent concepts of traditional game design in order to make changes and design level layouts. At the same time, we managed to release the full version of our first original game in 2021. The positive reception of the original game gave us courage. We believe that our developers are capable enough. We started to incorporate the planned features into the game. After a month, we have already planned the major bosses and instance enemies in the finished game. We started planning from new and old elements. We plan to expand based on some instances and improve existing instance gameplay or add new elements in sequence burst upgrades.

7.1. Development Process and Challenges

The development process actually started after the last trailer of the game. But soon we realized that the NPC AI system we are trying to develop is very complicated and difficult to complete perfectly in a short time. We had to start the development of the trailer on the basis of some old and incomplete items. Now we are gradually making items with relatively low priority and remaking some content according to the needs and feedback of testing. Our development process has been going through a lot, and there may be difficulties and chaos at any time. We also need to be better prepared for specific challenges and deal with them well. The ultimate goal of the game release has never been changed, and we will achieve it without hesitation. Thank you for your support and understanding as always.

We’ve continued to update Bright Memory: Infinite based on the feedback we obtained during the two previous tests. Based on the results of the second test, we made a lot of corrections for controller functionality this time. Everyone gave us quite a bit of feedback, never mind our scheduled content, so we’ve modified the dev plan. Everything’s working towards our next test and release. This is related to the trailer that has been scheduled for some time. We have made considerable changes to Bright Memory: Infinite’s content, systems and balance after feedback and testing.

8. Future of Bright Memory: Infinite

The contents and gameplay can all be much larger than previously made. There will be more freedom to operate, more locations, more content for discovering the truth of the world, and more friendliness and usability for players. All of this means that Dark Cloud Studio has a very long plan and a strong desire to achieve it. Of course, they need more understanding and support from players. Sampling feedback and discussions from other parts are also valuable experiences and important progress for them. They will continue to use their best enthusiasm to present great works. They hope that everyone can join in the fun and anticipation of the release.

Over the past two years, Dark Cloud Studio has individually developed the game Bright Memory, which has taught them a lot. After Infinite is completed and they have more experience in making games, they are excited about developing a fuller game with both content and gameplay experience.

The future plan of Bright Memory: Infinite will focus on adjusting existing battle experiences and studying the combination of special abilities. This is in addition to creating a new playable chapter, optimizing the operation, and improving the quality and usability of the game. To let those who loved the original Bright Memory experience Infinite together, Bright Memory will soon be on sale once more on Steam.

8.1. Long-Term Vision and Goals

Remember, timing is everything. The speed of progress can only be ongoing if the user’s priorities are met. We aim to maintain the time-tested formula as the ongoing process is repeated; therefore, user satisfaction is our brand value which offers self-sufficient independent, small-scale development miracles. In addition, certain content, functions, and characters will be opened at the exclusive sites of each partner and the social media channels managed by each region of each country. After increasing awareness by allowing partners from various countries to experience and learn about B: I, the process addresses user requests. After the game is released, B: I horizons remain open.

The Bright Memory series was developed by a small independent production team. So, many of the features we wanted to include in B: I couldn’t be solved due to a lack of manpower and funds. As a result, while reflecting on B: I, we made plans to implement subsequent features in DLC form. Our long-term vision is to include more action, themes, and game content in Bright Memory until the limits of imagination are exhausted. With this infinite process as a weapon, we have developed the same stance in envisaging the overall concept and Bible. We planned to increase market recognition by adding more and more action and drama to our products, focusing on independence, small-scale production, and through rapid response. This requires continuous, long-term recognition and evaluation from users who have experienced the B: I portion.

9. Conclusion and Final Thoughts

The game Bright Memory: Infinite aims to provide an innovative control feel and outstanding game fun to more game fans, and the game content is also to show gameplay that FPS game fans have never experienced, bringing players genuine game happiness and unique game fun. At the same time, this is the direction of the game development planned by the game developers. The studio will release the game on the platform. I hope that you can support the game by then, don’t forget to follow the dynamic IP location of Dangyou. I will continue to pay attention to the detailed information about the first-person action game Bright Memory: Infinite and the related game introduction. If you want to know the latest news about the game, you can pay more attention. Thank you for your support.

Bright Memory: Infinite aims to deliver a delightful next-gen experience for all FPS game fans by providing innovative controls and fun elements. Bright Memory: Infinite, developed by FYQD-Studio, will be released on both PS4, Xbox One, and PC platforms. The game is built on Unreal Engine 4. Meanwhile, if you are a fan of FPS games, you should not miss Bright Memory, which is a prequel to Infinite. The game elements are also very innovative. If you like it, please remember to support the game on the Steam platform. The above is the next generation game Bright Memory: Infinite. If you are interested, remember to check it out.

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