The story content in the game cleverly mimics the ideology present in some action television series and films. There is no boring plot that often makes video games (especially action side-scrolling run-and-guns) boring. The fact that the game religiously turns the action-packed genre is something that makes the market give it a nod. There are several achievement missions for players in the game. When players accomplish their missions, they engage in a spectacular explosion; the explosion also happens when the players kill their enemies. Each player killed leaves some upgrade tokens on the floor for the player to pick to boost the main abilities of the players. These upgrades can quickly strengthen the player’s randomly picked weapons and the main abilities of the player.

The Broforce game is an action-packed side-scrolling run-and-gun and platform video game. The game was developed by Free Lives and published by Devolver Digital. The game is an innovative creation that comes with an eighties hyper-action video game theme in mind. The primary role of the players in the game is to save the world from terrorism led by oppressive reactionist forces and the fictional villains in the game. Some of the elements that prove the eighties hyper-action story behind the game are the terrorists and the criminals. The missions in the game require that the players free the prisoners and take down the villains to rescue the world from the ill fate that would befall it in case these terrorists and the criminals complete their mission.

2. Overview of Missions and Locations

This section explores the thirteen missions and the five different locations in Broforce. The eleven missions are Rescue, Assassinate, Sabotage, Rendezvous, Exterminate, Protect, Scout, Search and Destroy, Escort, Secure, and Clean Up. The five locations are the Jungle, Desert, Ocean, Volcano, and City. A combination of the mission goals gives the player some variety in the story if they use more of the missions in a single mission; the player has to figure out how they want the story to unfold in the background.

The thirteen missions and five locations are purposely fun and nostalgic. They are reminiscent of vintage ’80s movies and video games, but with a twist. There are different types of missions with various terrains and objectives for players to explore and achieve as they embark on their Broforce adventure.

2.1. Campaign Missions and Storyline

Yet, the number of missions in the jungle is increased in comparison to the ones in the other locations. Five missions for the jungle are followed by three desert missions. The transition to the desert missions happens by destroying a rocket launcher in the jungle. During the conclusion of the campaign, you are taken to a location which appears to be Hell. The ultimate mission depicts a place, which is completely scalable and you are challenged to destroy an exceptionally powerful enemy in the process. The exit pursuit at the end of the mission illustrates the possible survival tasks in the context.

The Broforce game features various levels, each with a different type of mission to execute. The first prologue mission can be classified as a training mission. Players can gather familiarization with the different types of destructive devices. Keeping the players interested and challenged, the missions then follow a largely balanced flow, switching between the locations underground, in the jungle, and in the desert. Possibly low difficulty levels are every fourth or so mission, likely to allow a breather after a set of challenging ones. The purpose of this mission and its location might be the feeling of being able to relax in the decently familiar environment. This may help the player draw familiarization with the game.

2.2. Rescue Missions and Objectives

Rescue missions are another important element of the Broforce game. In each level, there are a number of prisoners that players can redeem under different conditions. The look of the lucky guys in trouble is quite similar to the previous prisoners. They are pictured in green boxes and bars, which are located under or over them and show a countdown. The countdown time changes according to the game’s level. For example, the hostages may be in trouble for 30 or 60 minutes and then die because of different risks such as traps or other enemies. If any player kills one of the terrorists in the game, hostages are shot by them until the end of the last secured time. Sometimes it is possible to rescue hostages without shooting any terrorists due to the traps in the areas where the hostages are staying. Hostages are freed immediately once the area that protects the players is passed and the mission is completed.

2.3. Boss Battles and Villain Hideouts

Under The Bridge is the hideout of the Reverse Dorian, located within the City Tech level, and it is fortified by a steel-gated bridge made out of girders. Players can enter the location by blasting a passage beneath the road. In another plot, Broheart needs to be rescued and taken to the Hell level in order to overthrow the despot of the area, the Devil. The Town level is where the Hideout is located, and it is fortified by a facility surrounded by spiked walls. Following the assassination of the candidate for the U.S. Presidency, the Black Baron decides to side with the alien invaders, and one of the tasks players must undertake is to enter the ship and defeat the leader of The Devastator Faction.

Boss battles constitute one of the many hallmarks of action games. Their appearance is meant to represent important battles, which are typically thought of as difficult due to the boss’ increased damage capability or health. Boss battles can be perceived in various forms. A unique and original level design has the capability to transform regular gaming levels into compelling worlds, as in the case of Donkey Kong. These boss battles typically exhibit different mechanics, relying on unique character abilities and the specially designed environments to produce interesting and compelling battles. In Broforce, players can face innumerable different boss battles. For example, aiding Brobocop in escaping the assassination of the U.S. President (who is missing, of course). Subsequent to launching an effort to find him, players might face the leader of ‘The Heck’ faction, The Brodator, who is capable of utilizing a cloaking device and an energy weapon.

2.4. Secret Levels and Easter Eggs

Aside from the regular levels and Broforce world missions, there are some hidden locations and even a secret level to unlock and complete. One secret mission area can be found in the Rumble in the Jungle world mission part. In another location, the game developers have left a message for the players. Find out where to complete the work of each Bro, eliminate the guards, and listen to the developers’ message. Another Easter egg that can be found in the game can be found in the office decisions that players make in the Rambro mission, Forest of Hope. In the fourth hostage mission, the player makes the choice to go to the right as the whole way from the beginning of the mission. Next, what will be the reward for going the whole way to the right in the reverse direction? In this mission, thanks to the bros liberation at the beginning of the previous mission, the player will start the level on top of the admin tower. Also, the player will miss the opportunity to destroy the rest of the mount. A giant, floating executive portrait of a CEO is in the area, which is hidden away from the rest of the levels, as well as a message from the former developers.

3. Broforce Roster and Unique Abilities

You take control of different characters from Rambo to Wonder Woman that you can unlock as you go through levels, and they all have different abilities. Some of them may be good at melee combat, some throw explosions by pressing the special attack button, others may climb walls with their bare hands, or one may blow up walls of levels to access the hostages trapped in cages. Some characters fly, but only for a short period of time, while others use their handguns, rifles, shotguns, or machine guns to shoot down enemies. Some characters are dangerous up close, while others can attack from afar. You can rescue other members to unlock them, which makes you more effective and can take a hit for you if your life stick goes down, so you can continue to play. As you play through each level, you can find an urn of resurrection to continue even if you die, but every time you die, you lose one person on your life counter. You can also find bandanas with the flag of your current character that gives you an extra temporary life if your life counter is almost down to zero, making you return as the last member, which can save you from experiencing death a lot.

4. Gameplay Mechanics and Strategies

The character to carry with you is judged with the enemies in a mission. Enemies such as Red Rock enemies require melee attacks, Red Forest enemies are mostly melee but quite a number have the ability to launch fireballs at your character, ignoring terrain. Red Wastes have heavily cursed terrain and a few regular shooters. Red Gambell enemies use portals and red crystals, and some wield rocket launchers. The Antichthones enemies are a threat for your character as they change into your friendly neighbor. Red Gulch enemies punch you out like boss-killing machine men. The Exponential Intelligence level Enemies is where you try to defeat them when they have no ability to attack you directly, and all their attacks involve creating hazards that destroy the terrain itself. All these skills are key for your mission.

After playing this game for a long period of time, there are some guidelines which are important for every player, every mission in every location. It is paramount to bring characters that are diverse in skills and firepower as possible, since some encounters laid in a mission will manipulate some of them. Keep your most skilled guys if you can, such as Indiana Brones, Mr. Anderbro, Ash Brolliams, Ellen Ripbro, Bill Bronigherk, Brade, Brommando, Lee Broxmas, Chuck Bronorris, Colonel, and Broney Ross. Some may be easier bullied in mazes.

When players initially start the game, they are mostly used to traditional platform shooter games and tend to immediately start running forward and shooting. The key is to be creative and have fun with the many characters provided and run them through the initial light training and exploration. Each of them has unique skills and can creatively get through most of the challenges in a mission.

5. Unlockable Characters and Variants

Broforce constantly rewards you for diligence and how much time you invest and explore. You have fun and enjoy different mechanics and levels. The story mode in Broforce has a list of levels, which is probably the selection of locations you can explore, including 3 boss levels and many tunnels or buildings. You cleanse the levels, save the world by killing enemies, destroying boss energy sources, or reviving. To complete a mission, it is enough to run in the direction of the end of the level. If the objective of the mission is for you to escape, then returning to the beginning of the level is enough. However, to get the full experience from the game, you should constantly be out of danger and look for foreign nationals other than saving the bro.

Broforce allows you to fight as all action heroes. At the end of each level, the rescue of a foreign national marks the end. When you rescue American POWs, they become a bro you can play as. With aliens and other bosses, it works differently. Players have to rescue a specific number of foreign nationals before the end of the given level. You unlock each bro by counting a specific number of rescues. You unlock new active skills, attacks, or specials by mastering each bro. Each bro has three unique abilities, so you can see more info when playing the game.

In the Broforce game, each of the bros has their own character variant with unique stats, special or normal attacks, and some other exceptions. For example, Brommando is the unstoppable force of freedom. He becomes a real force in the unstoppable pursuit, and his blade attacks deal high damage with an extended fire rate.

6. Environmental Hazards and Interactions

Broforce is quite a funny game as it gives us useful and not so useful interactions. For example, dogs will attack and kill other creatures and people. They can sometimes be good or an unfair fight, depending on whom you’re saving! They may also accidentally make you kill innocent rescues. Sharks can be shot by the bros, causing them to attack or eat your enemies. Just be careful, because they can also be deadly to bros! Even ninja bros can do a Kage Bunshin no Jutsu. Can you imagine having an entire team of the same bro? The game refers blankly to white/other bros, anything and everything. Bro up, bros, order reinforcements to join in the game!

## Special Interactions

Every bro should be aware of the environmental hazards in Broforce. Anything can be a liability when encountering most enemies in the game. Are they too high? Jump and shoot or throw grenades or use your melee attacks. Too many in your way, stand back and shoot! We know the game gives us a variety of weapons to eliminate or damage our enemies, but don’t forget you can use the environment to cause damage or eliminate them as well. This includes dropping a mine on top of a building to explode the enemies inside or shooting at certain ceilings to make things fall down on the opposition. Care should be taken with explosive boxes or barrels because the explosion is big, often taking the bros with the box/falling debris. Fire damage can be useful with a flamethrower or used against the bros and lightning just gives them a big hit.

## Environmental Hazards

7. Broforce Community and Mods

The community is the insurance contributed to the future of the game series, and the recent Steam Workshop opened a real gate of opportunities to the game. New heroes are introduced to the game every month. Sometimes they die horrible deaths after some episodes, but potentially they can get a second chance due to Being Awesome. By now, some of the most determined fans have succeeded in making their characters last. And these lucky guys have not only survived but also got rich with the packages of the whole game’s art components, sound, and special abilities – the power of the developers of Broforce is in collaboration with the fans. The community is involved immediately after the purchase of the game. Broforce is not just a side-scroller. It also allows users to play out in full force.

Playing Broforce is much more than rushing through the levels, destroying everything on your way. It’s also about being a part of a huge community (not less than 10,000 people a day), creating and modifying the game, deciding the future of the franchise. It’s not a secret that the development of the game is inseparable from the total enthusiasm shown by the fans, and for that reason, the creators of Broforce did their best to accommodate Broforcers, making them a part of a real international force. A desire to unite the fan base, to listen to it, to communicate with the fans, and to play the same game with people from various parts of the world underpinned the idea of such a project as Broforce.

8. Broforce Merchandise and Collectibles

It is noteworthy that the company that first created the action figures Necca, has since acquired Loot Crate, the company that produces many FanMail T-shirt lines, among other things. This is not to suggest that FanMail distributes Broforce-related merchandise. Well, maybe it should! In 2013 and 2014, the founder of the Broforce Developer tweeted some of his concerns that people were making counterfeit goods. One source of concern was the creation of fan art that was then falsely signed by him and offered for sale. While posting these concerns, he also included a tweet that seemed to endorse charity auctioning with the acknowledgement that not having enough to donate themselves was one of the reasons that they were selling the poster of art that was done for the game’s release and posted digitally. Other than Broforce posters and the eStore T-shirts, posters, stickers, patches, and other objects offered in early access development, it is not currently clear where you would find such merchandise. After May 2017, the developer and publishing company employees helped to make the backgrounds and weapon icons for co-op characters. These assets were then offered to their fans who wished to download and color them and receive a coloring page t-shirt in celebration of the publishers’ and developers’ successful year.

Broforce does have an eight-inch, limited-to-1000-pieces statue of the Broforce bronze character that is available for purchase. One particular eBay seller was asking $199.84 for statue number 999. Broforce developers have also given away Broforce T-shirts, stickers, and posters. Broforce T-shirt giveaways sometimes include ironed patches. Patches have also been used in the updates Developer videos. On April 1, 2014, the Broforce Developers posted a webpage containing a mysterious announcement for the Broforce 00-lutionary Action Toy. When viewed in the Adobe Reader, the webpage mentioned the «plastic statue» being «injector-molded» and coming with an «MEGA bland-missile» or «distilled Liberty fluids» or «signature brokings,» among other amusing things before proclaiming that «action figures don’t have a title sequence, so turns out it was a product of your imagination,» before discussing the developers’ desire to offer physical things such as T-shirts and action figures to Broforce fans if it was possible. The developers reiterate that they desire to offer Broforce toys, particularly action figures, to fans; however, currently, no action figure or action figure set from the Broforce game itself exists for purchase, play, or collection.

9. Broforce Updates and DLCs

Broforce updates make the game more special for the players. This famous action game has been getting some new DLCs and also updates and items since its first release. From Neon Chrome to Broforce Alien Infestors, players can access many new bonuses, props, missions, characters, and many more enjoyable options to make the game one of the best options when it comes to enjoying some free time. In this post, our goal is to explore some of the well-known updates and DLCs of Broforce. With these options, you can do fantastic actions, escape from secret labs, or stock up on your power energy. And when combined with the attributes of the base game, Broforce updates will help you to improve your gameplay.

This famous action game has been getting some exciting updates and downloadable content since its first release, such as Neon Chrome, Broforce Alien Infestors, and Mowin’ and Throwin’. These updates and items are like bonuses for the game. It can make the gameplay more enjoyable and realistic. And when you combine them with the features of the base game, you will get a super game that the players will have fun from the beginning to the ending.

10. Broforce Reviews and Reception

Broforce deserved and received 79/100 on Metacritic, 8.15 on GameSpot, and 9.7 on IGN, and it is a worthy homage not only to the action stars of the 80s and 90s, but also to the run-and-gun genre that had seen few disturbances for years. Promissory notes, since most of them were examples of the pixel era. In recent times, Broforce has gained popularity also thanks to Bundle Stars, where it was offered in several packages at a very affordable price. Moreover, the urban legends according to which Pirate Bays watches Broforce on the open sea, have further increased the reputation of Broforce, which we remind you can buy on Steam at a regular price of 14.99 euros.

On Kickstarter, the votes were unanimous and 14,715 people invested $210,724 to realize Broforce. Big success. The game was therefore introduced to the gaming community and in 2013, in alpha, it reached the hands of the various early adopters. The release date for the final version was postponed until 2018. In the meantime, the bomb was released. Each user wants to play with his favorite character and imagine the rest. You can try Broforce, the pixel-style run-and-gun by indie developer Free Lives, to understand what it is.

11. Conclusion and Future of Broforce

The development and positive reception show that the Broforce game has resonated with and captivated many players alike when it was released. Not only does the game provide nostalgic references and a large list of playable action-hero bros, but it also immerses players in a fast-paced, run-and-gun platform gameplay. In short, there are also many reasons and potential fan feedback for continued Broforce levels, inspired missions, and new in-game explorable mission locations. With that in mind, future ideas include fan suggestions as new and exciting Broforce missions. Just as the current list of missions has drawn on meticulously referencing various franchise action movie characters, iconic buildings, alien spaceships, and machines, the following are some fun, exciting inspirations as to where interesting and cool missions can take place.

Broforce is a game that offers a nostalgic throwback to old-school action movies and games by combining fast-paced, run-and-gun platform gameplay, destructible levels, and abundant references to the classic action movie genre. The featured missions and mission locations in Broforce are drawn from various action movies and are namesake locations, props, and landmarks from various movies. Since many fans may have missed some details, this chapter investigates and walks you through the missions and mission location inspirations and provides an in-depth analysis. The Broforce game has a featured mission and location detail for almost every mission that many fans may have missed.

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